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Clowes Hall - Butler University – Indianapolis

Los Angeles, June 4, 2019 A.Gary Singh
/Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh


The Chan Entertainment describes Gurdas Maan as “a singer, songwriter, and actor from Punjab, India. This talented musician burst onto the Punjabi music scene in the late 1970s, when he took the industry by storm with his unique vocalization, and innovative and highly stylized lyrics and music. He captured the renaissance of the Punjabi music form, which had previously existed in the 1950s and 60s. Gurdas Maan is also known for starring in several blockbuster Bollywood films.”

What we saw and experienced at the Clowes Hall on the Butler University campus in Indianapolis on June 1, 2019 far exceeded that description. The placed rocked and the audience danced in their seats and in the aisles of the magnificent Hall. We saw in Gurdas Maan’s over two hour presentation: a rockstar performance, a display of his many talents, and the artiste and his team of musicians at their best. We saw and enjoyed his very charming persona and joyous self throughout the Indianapolis Live Concert.
Gurdas Maan put on a stunning talent-show and masterfully played many roles: as a symphonic orchestra conductor and imaginative choreographer for the musical instruments (Tablas, Drums, Dholaks, Electric Keyboards, Guitars, and other) and the dozen accomplished musicians in Group. He was simultaneously an arts director and captivating cheerleader; a brilliant lyricist, a fabulous song writer, a lilting soulful folksinger and whimsical dancer to the rhythms of the music and the moment. Lighthearted jokes, creative lighting, and dazzling graphics added their own aura to the spirit of the evening.


We saw Gurdas Maan as a thoughtful teacher, superb communicator, and someone who loved his cultural roots. Gurdas Maan’s lyrics, singing style and dancing brought home memories to the gathered multi-generational audience of nearly a thousand fans from many States. He re-introduced and connected us to our childhood experiences and memories anchored in the soil and spirit of the Punjab. Gurdas Maan advocated the significance of our rich and colorful folklore, the Punjabi language, ancestral heritage, lives and legacy of Sikh Gurus. Gurdas Maan took us by the magic of his music to time and place that will always remain a source of inspiration for us who are growing up far away from the historic origins of our past.


A thought for future cultural and arts performances and activities: For new cultures, languages, and unfamiliar traditions to survive and prosper in new lands, we must draw audiences other than just our own. We need to provide Printed Programs with English translations and related literature that highlight the artistes and their arts. Give the non-Punjabi speakers growing up here and our American friends from other cultures and nationalities a positive sense of the spirit and story of the performance. The arts carry a transcendent and unifying message and spirit. Everyone can enjoy great arts, good music and dance to its tempo and rhythms. Helpful information can evoke greater appreciation, dispel mystery and build cultural connections, make the experience more enjoyable. As the word gets out, attract new audiences.
It was a special pleasure to enjoy the Concert with special friends. We felt that our soul was touched and awakened in more ways than we could have imagined. ~ KP Singh – Indianapolis, Indiana USA