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Air India bombing trial cost $58 million,
the largest trial in Canadian history but no conviction.

Vancouver, Nov 26, 2005

Wally Oppal, Attorney General has come forward this afternoon at the Legislature releasing a statement of expenditures in connection with the Air India trial. According to the report, total costs shared by the Federal government and Provincial government amounted to nearly $58 million with $30 million coming from the feds and the other $28 million from the province. The figure includes the cost of mounting the Air India trial, including the prosecution and defence, courtroom construction and management services. The BC Auditor General's office and the federal government audit office audited the Air India trial expenditures annually. The $58 million price tag is attached to the largest trial in Canadian history with more than 90 witnesses tesitifying for the Crown. This money resulted in a huge trial but no conviction.

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