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US NRI Sikh Delegation met with Vice-President Mike Pence

Pence is fully aware of Sikh issues since his days as Governor of Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, June 17, 2017 Gurinder Singh Khalsa/Ramesh/ A.Gary Singh Grewal

A Sikh Delegation met United States Vice President Mike Pence under the leadership of eminent Sikh Leader and SikhsPAC chairman, Gurinder Singh Khalsa in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana at the JW Marriott. Along with Khalsa, Dr. Bijender Kront, Dr. Amandeep Singh, Bahadur Singh of Oregan, Jaswinder Singh of Illinois, Parminder Singh, Ajaypratap Singh and Sukhpal Singh were part of the Sikh Delegation.

This meeting was during his top level GOP Indiana leadership, where Attorney General of Indiana, Secretary of State and other senior leaders including Congresswoman Susan Brooks were present at the event.

According to Gurinder Singh's email:

  • The Vice-President, said, “Sikhs Community and its issues are always close to my heart, and I always admire the contribution of Sikhs in Indiana and across the Untied States.” Pence went on to say “I am fully aware of Sikh issues since my days as Governor."
  • In addition to this, the vice president admired the efforts of SikhsPAC for encouraging Sikh Community for its participation in the mainstream politics.
  •  A main topic of discussion was Sikh awareness and the introduction of Sikh History in public schools and Sikh history curriculum through the US federal department of education.

Gurinder Singh Khalsa further said, ” I have noticed that Mike Pence is more humble as Vice President than as Governor”

  • There was another evidence of his humbleness when Khalsa Introduced his son Ajaypratap Singh to him, he said that I am not meeting you as a Vice President but as a good friend of your father.
  • The Vice President reaffirmed his commitment to Sikh Community and encouraged to give back in the form of serving in the military and public offices at local, state and federal level.

................................. Father and Son met Pence

Gurinder Singh Khalsa also wrote in his email:

  • Due to sincere efforts of SikhsPAC, last years, Indiana introduced Sikh history in the world history curriculum of public high schools. Attorney General Curtis Hill also appointed a Sikh as Deputy Attorney General of Indiana to head the litigation department. This year, Indiana State Senate unanimously passed Sikh Resolution and this year also for first time “Creation of Khalsa Day” was  celebrated by the Sikhs in Indiana State House with Governor Holcomb of Indiana.

This meeting was first ever high-level meeting of any Sikh Delegation with federal administration. Plans are in place for a future meeting of the Sikh delegation with US Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos.

Vice-President  Mike Pence was the first sitting Governor who attended Sikh Parade and bestowed the highest Civil Award to a Sikh in 2015.